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Quelle protection pour mon phototype ?

What protection for my phototype?


Choosing the right sun protection is of crucial importance. How to navigate through essential parameters such as phototype according to the Fitzpatrick classification, geolocation, UV index, daily activity and family history of skin cancers ? Explore these key elements for personalized and effective solar defense.

What phototype are you and what sun protection is suitable?

Table of Phototypes according to Fitzpatrick:

Discover your Phototype and the appropriate sun protection with the Phototypes table according to Fitzpatrick. Identify your Phototype from the descriptions below, accompanied by protection recommendations in the urban city , at the beach in summer, or in the mountains/tropics.



Reaction to the Sun

Urban City




Very white, red/blonde hair, light eyes

Always burn, never tan

SPF25-50 PA+++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+) Pollution

SPF50+ PA++++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+)

SPF50+ PA++++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+)


Light skin, blonde/brown hair, light/brown eyes

Still burns, tans slightly

SPF15-20-25 PA++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+) Pollution

SPF30-50 PA+++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+)

SPF50+ PA++++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+)


Medium skin, brown/brown hair, brown eyes

Burns moderately, tans gradually

SPF6-10 PA+ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF++) Pollution

SPF15-20-25 PA++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF++)

SPF30-50 PA+++ (>1/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF++)


Dark skin, brown/black hair, brown/black eyes

Burns very little, always tans well

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++) Pollution

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)

SPF15-20-25 PA+++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)


Dark brown skin, black hair, black eyes

Burns rarely, tans intensely

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++) Pollution

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)

SPF15-20-25 PA+++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)


Black skin, black hair, black eyes

Never burns, tans very intensely

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++) Pollution

SPF6-10 PA++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)

SPF15-20-25 PA+++ (>2/3 SPF) HEV/LB (VL/PF+++)

For an overall understanding, here are our recommendations for light phototypes (I and II) and dark phototypes (> III) for effective protection based on your skin type.

Lair phototypes (I-II):

Dark phototypes (>III):

  • Melasma / Pigmentogenic lichen: Opt for extensive protection against UVB, UVA, UVA1 , as well as blue light (HEV). Choose untinted creams to promote regular compliance. Do not protect yourself against infrared rays which have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (PPI): Protect your skin from UVB, UVA, UVA1 and blue light (BL) with untinted creams containing antioxidants to reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation.
  • Cancers: Ensure complete sun protection with a screen against UVB, UVA, avoiding blocking infrared rays.

UV Index

Deciding whether or not to apply sunscreen based solely on the appearance of the sky is a mistake . The UV index does not simply depend on the presence of clouds, but is the result of a complex equation including solar angle, altitude, cloud cover, stratospheric ozone, albedo and shade. Don't be fooled: UVA rays persist, passing through clouds, windows and even your skin.

Contrary to popular belief, clouds do not effectively protect against solar rays. A light veil of clouds only blocks 5 to 10% of the rays, and can even increase the solar risk. To effectively counter photoaging , always opt for complete sun protection, regardless of weather conditions.

Impact of activities on sun protection


The blue light emitted by screens, particularly for fair skin, contributes to skin aging by generating oxidative stress and free radicals (ROS) in synergy with UVA. For dark skin, it can lead to hyperpigmentation and the appearance of spots. Therefore, interior and exterior protection is crucial to prevent these harmful effects, regardless of phototype.

Indoor/outdoor activities : 

Daily activities, such as working on a screen near a window or cycling to work, significantly affect light exposure. These situations require suitable protection to counter the harmful effects of invisible and visible light, highlighting the importance of a diversified sun protection strategy.

Family history of skin cancers

In the presence of a family history of skin cancer , vigilance is increased, involving regular consultations and the rigorous application of protective measures, even for dark skin types. Applying rigorous daily sun protection becomes an essential necessity to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

TRUE FILTER™: sun protection suitable for all phototypes

TRUE FILTER™ stands out as exceptional sun protection, perfectly suited to all phototypes , including sensitive skin. Its patented formula offers complete defense with its SPF25 PA+++ HEV / LB (blue light), while ensuring effective protection against atmospheric pollution, filtering up to 96% of UV rays.

Far from conventional sunscreens, TRUE FILTER™ exceeds expectations. By eliminating nearly 90% of reactive oxygen species (ROS) linked to air pollution and visible light , this mist goes beyond simple protection. The integrated antioxidants further strengthen the defense against oxidative stress, thus providing a complete barrier against external aggressions.

Thanks to its ingenious format, TRUE FILTER™ mistmeets renewal needs throughout the day . It can be easily applied alone or over makeup, using a simple contactless spray . Without leaving greasy or white residue , it sets a new standard in sun protection, suitable for even the darkest skin.

Discover the TRUE FILTER™ protective urban mist, the ideal UV protection for your phototype.

Conclusion : 

Optimal sun protection depends on phototype, real-time UV index (geolocation), daily activities, and family history of skin cancers. An informed choice guarantees effective defense against the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental attacks.


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