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suncare is the new skincare

The new generation of UV protection

Why protect yourself every day?


premature aging comes from invisible (UVA, UVB) and visible (HEV, blue light) light

5 hours

per day in front of a screen is enough to create deep cellular damage

9/10 people

breathe polluted air, a source of oxidative stress and cellular damage


Solar rays (UVA, UVB) invisible to the naked eye, as well as HEV, are responsible for sunburn, premature aging of the skin (wrinkles, brown spots, sagging skin) and even cancer mechanisms. In urban areas, atmospheric pollution acts as a magnifying effect on UV rays, amplifying its harmful effects on the skin.


The skin is just as exposed to UVA rays that pass through windows. In the digital age, blue light from screens (smartphones, computers) is the cause of oxidative stress, which slows down cellular regeneration (pigment spots, imperfections).

TRUE FILTER™: a small gesture for big protection

It is essential to protect yourself daily against the light spectrum and environmental aggressors to preserve your health.

However, few people apply protection to their skin before leaving for the office, and even fewer people remember to reapply their protection during the day.

It is to meet this need for protection that we developed TRUE FILTER™.

Offering you the best protection combining high performance, sensoriality and practicality to combat light sources on a daily basis.

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