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Our mission

Freeing individuals from the constraints of suncare

suncare is the new skincare

Substance Of Light® reinvents the codes and practices in terms of skin protection with innovative products that are easy to integrate into your daily beauty routine.

At the source of Substance Of Light® is light , both vital and yet damaging to the skin. While controlled exposure to the sun is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, overexposure can accelerate skin aging and increase the risk of skin cancer.

In addition to the often mentioned UVB and UVA, blue light and air pollution are also harmful. Blue light promotes photoaging and pigmentation, while pollution alters the protective functions of the skin.

With Substance Of Light®, daily sun protection becomes an essential gesture to preserve your health , whether you are indoors or outdoors. However, few people think about reapplying their sunscreen during the day. The fault lies in unsuitable galenics, uninviting textures and formats that are too bulky.

It is to meet this need for high protection, practicality and sensoriality that Substance Of Light® was born.

Clara Nentille, Fondatrice et CEO Substance Of Light

Founder of Substance Of Light®

Clara Nentille

The story of Substance Of Light® finds its roots in the personal experience of Clara Nentille, founder of the brand. Faced with the devastating effects of skin cancer during her father's multiple operations, Clara witnessed the limits of traditional sun protection.

Drawing on her background in investment banking and her passion for innovation, she founded the brand in 2021 with a clear vision: to create high- performance, sensory and safe solar products.

With unwavering determination and the help of a team of experts, Clara devoted more than two years to developing the patented TRUE FILTER™ formula , tested and reworked dozens of times to achieve uncompromising excellence.

Substance Of Light® embodies Clara's commitment to skin health, providing uncompromising protection for all.

“Our mission is to offer the best sun protection combining high performance, sensoriality and safety to combat all sources of light on a daily basis.”

– Clara Nentille

Our values


We are a brand that innovates out of necessity , to meet needs and uses that will increase in the future. A “ solution-driven ” brand determined to adapt to new hybrid lifestyles.

Our products are the result of close collaboration with a high-level scientific committee , including:
• The R&D team of our partner laboratory located in IDF, and a former
CNRS researcher specializing in solar formulation
• The Banyuls/Mer Oceanological Observatory, with the support of the CNRS, the Sorbonne University and the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Microbial Biotechnologies
• A team of dermatologists who are members of the French Society of Photo Dermatology


We are committed to a responsible and transparent approach in the constant optimization of our formulas.

In close collaboration with renowned researchers, we have eliminated more than 1,400 unwanted ingredients and rigorously selected the active ingredients in our formula. Our products are composed of 93% ingredients of natural origin (with the exception of filters), with a rating of 93/100 on Yuka , and carefully chosen organic filters.

In addition, our formulas are subjected to tests without impact on the marine ecosystem at the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls-sur-Mer, in collaboration with the CNRS, the Sorbonne University and the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Microbial Biotechnologies.

Made in France , our products come with 100% recyclable packaging (with the exception of the current pump), and we are actively working on a new version of the pump, also recyclable, as well as on the use of packaging recycled. In addition, we favor French ingredients as much as possible.


Our brand was born from a deep personal story, guided by authenticity and sincerity .

We firmly believe in the importance of remaining true to our values ​​and identity, without compromise. Every product we create and every action we take is infused with this authenticity, reflecting our commitment to our customers and to ourselves.

We are transparent in our processes, honest in our communications and authentic in our relationships. We encourage our customers to share their feedback and feedback on our products, because together we will create better products for tomorrow . To contact us, you can write to us at