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Pollution urbaine : Quels effets sur la peau en ville ?

Urban pollution: What effects on the skin in the city?


Living in the city exposes our skin to a hostile environment, characterized by increasing air pollution . How do they affect our health and our skin? Recent studies confirm the undeniable impact of pollution on skin aging . Daily protection , combined with appropriate products, is crucial to maintaining skin health in an urban environment.

Understanding urban pollution

Common polluting agents:

Urban air pollution is a harmful cocktail composed of fine particles, toxic gases and volatile organic compounds. Mainly generated by vehicle emissions, industrial activities and various anthropogenic sources, it creates peaks of pollution which intensify the alterations in the barrier function of the skin , already initiated by UVA rays alone . It is crucial to understand that this pollution not only affects our breathing; it can also be inhaled and absorbed through other parts of the body, including the hair, nails and skin , thus accentuating its harmful impacts.

The mechanisms of oxidative stress

A silent attack:

Just like solar radiation, pollution induces oxidative stress where free radicals damage skin cells , impacting the quality and radiance of the skin . Let's explore the complex mechanisms of this attack, an essential understanding for effective protection and the implementation of an anti-pollution strategy for the skin.

Effects on the skin

Premature aging:

Oxidative stress accelerates skin aging, aggravating macules or lentigines in polluted environments, contributing to the formation of wrinkles, loss of firmness and reduced elasticity. Gaseous pollutants, particularly ozone, and fine particles damage the skin surface, penetrating to the first layers of the living epidermis on skin already damaged by UV and HEV /blue light , with internal systemic contamination by inhalation.

No robust study has yet demonstrated a correlation between pollution and skin cancers.

Hyperpigmentation and inflammation:

Pollution intensifies hyperpigmentation and skin inflammation. Studies show that heavy metals in pollution can create pigmentary disorders . Fine particles disrupt the skin microbiome, degrading beneficial bacteria and promoting inflammation. Additionally, atopic eczema worsens in conjunction with pollution peaks.

Protection and prevention

Antioxidant Shields:

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, niacinamide and vitamin E (tocopherol) , play a key role in protecting against the attacks of air pollution. Vitamin C, in particular, strengthens the skin's self-defense capabilities and provides additional protection against damage to the living epidermis. Focus on a cocktail of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.

Deep cleaning:

An effective cleaning routine , removing pollution particles and sunscreen, is essential. Water-resistant mineral or chemical UV filters require deep cleaning with a cleansing oil. Opt for oily formulas that absorb and remove sunscreen residue, impurities, pollution and excess oil, maintaining clean, healthy skin, even in urban environments.


Act for Healthy Urban Skin: Living in the city does not mean compromising skin health. By understanding the effects of air pollution and oxidative stress, and adopting protective and preventative practices , we can maintain healthy and resilient urban skin.

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